You will see from reading this website that food IS a drug to your brain! Drug addicts stand in doorways and put drugs up their nose, we sit at a table and put them in our mouth. Everything that enters your body either through; Inhaling, Injecting, Eating or Drinking or by Absorption through your skin will finish up as an electrical signal (DRUG) in your brain. Each food sends a different signal to your brain, some of these electrical signals your brain can cope with and some it cannot.

It doesn't matter if it is Heroin or Chicken! They both finish up as electrical signals in your brain. Look at this food clock it's the electricity from the orange that is running the clock!

(Actually, it will run off any food you wish to plug it into). Some people get hooked on Alcohol or Cigarettes and some people get hooked on food.

If you deliberately poisoned yourself each and every day with drugs you knew your brain couldn't handle then you would expect to be unhealthy!

Well believe it or not you are doing just that with food! Everybody is to some extent. I have tested around 10,000 people for food intolerance and I have not yet found a single person that does not have an intolerance to several of the foods they're eating on a daily basis. Just because you like something it doesn't mean it is good for you! Drug addicts like drugs! Have you ever seen a healthy looking drug addict?

The best computer in the world is in your HEAD and you will be amazed just how well it can run your body if you just let it. Unfortunately you keep putting the wrong signals into that computer in your head and then you wonder why it doesn't run your body properly. No computer will work properly if it is getting the wrong electrical signals! If you drink a bottle of GIN your brain will send out weird signals that make you do all sorts of strange things, this is your brain's way of saying it works better without that DRUG called Gin.

Food will cause all sorts of disruptions to the function of your brain, if your brain cannot handle that DRUG called Lettuce or Apple etc... Remember, everything that enters your body will always finish up as an electrical signal in your brain !!!

Heroin grows in the ground! Well so does a lettuce! So why is a lettuce NOT a drug.....IT IS A DRUG!

Remember we are NOT interested in the things you like the taste of or that suit your stomach. It's your BRAIN that runs your body so lets keep that happy. We are made up of a bunch of electrical wires called NERVES and a bit of skin and bone. All nerves feed signals TO and FROM the brain and nothing would happen in your body if your brain did not send out a signal to make it happen!


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