You are constantly doing damage to your Nervous System (your brain) by eating/drinking everyday food/drink. When you think about it it's your Nervous System (your brain) that runs everything in your body and it doesn't make much sense to constantly poison it. (you would not get up every morning and put wrong electrical signals into your home computer and expect it to work properly). Well it’s exactly the same when it comes to that computer in your head. Bad signals in and bad signals out!

Modern U.S. technology has now brought Food Intolerance testing into the twenty first century.

Your brain is a computer which runs on electricity and it feeds all your body systems/organs via wires called nerves and as such it keeps you alive. If your arm (for example) did not have electricity running through it, it would be paralysed.

Your brain and your heart are part of the same circuit; if this circuit did not have electricity flowing through it then you would be dead! Paramedics arrive (you hope) and the first thing they do is to defibrillate. They put electricity back into your Nervous System (just like a car with a flat battery) they jump start the circuit. Everyone thinks that defibrillation starts the heart but that’s not exactly true as there’s no way you can start the heart if the brain is not working. Defibrillation is just a way of putting electricity back INTO the Nervous System (your brain) and with any luck kick start the circuit once again. If the brain is not working then nothing works: including the heart. The reason that defibrillation takes place on the chest is that it’s a flattish surface with which to make contact with the Nervous System. If you think about it, it would be hard to make a good connection on the head as its round and there’s normally hair in the way.

We DO NOT generate ELECTRICITY, so in order to stay alive we MUST put it into our body. We do this each and every day by eating and drinking, also by injecting and inhaling and absorbing items through the skin. Some items are more acceptable to our Nervous System (our brain) than others. Each item sends out a DIFFERENT signal to the brain because each item is a different chemical and as such in this way it sends out a different electrical signal.


Here's proof that electricity comes from food. There are no batteries in this clock; it runs off any food you wish to plug it into.

Each and every signal from each and every food has been programmed into my computer by very cleaver doctors and computer experts and this technology has undergone 8 years of clinical trials by the toughest licensing body in the world, namely: THE AMERICAN FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION.

In order to have a test you simply sit in a chair and I press a probe gently onto your finger. In this way I can make contact with your Nervous System (your Brain) and ask it which signals it can handle and which signals it cannot. I am measuring the electrical resistance in your BRAIN to the signals that come from each and every food. Your brain will then speak to you (us) in English for the very first time and tell you what it can and can’t handle.

You feel NOTHING apart from a little pressure on your finger. In this way I can connect your (Nervous System) your brain to my computer and send out the same electrical signals that your brain would get if you ate the foods. There is no pain involved, I have scanned kids as young as 3 and they have enjoyed every minute.

The testing is non-intrusive: nothing but a simple and harmless probe is placed gently against your finger, you feel nothing else.

In addition to about 180 foods/drink Health Scan also checks for the effects of •E• numbers. Also checked are the bodies levels of 29 Vitamins & Minerals and 30 or so Herbs and Spices, animal hair/skin/feathers etc.

You will receive an instant printout detailing the items which are acceptable and unacceptable to your nervous system (your brain). It is then simply a case of avoiding the offending items where possible in order to become seriously healthy. FOODS ARE THE BIGGEST CULPRITS OF ALL. When we DO NOT poison our nervous system in this way it is quite amazing how problems clear up and how ones general health improves dramatically.

At Health Scan we test for "Intolerance" to items such as foods, dusts, feathers etc., rather than for "Allergies". An "Allergy" is a chemical reaction which occurs in the body when 2 or more chemicals meet. They can react badly with each other and cause chemical imbalance in the body which in turn can adversely affect all regions of the body including the brain. Generally speaking an "Allergy" is a chemical reaction whereas an "Intolerance" is electrical resistance in the brain to the signals given off by all items that enter the body. An "Allergy" occurs in the IMMUNE SYSTEM whereas an "Intolerance" occurs in the NERVOUS SYSTEM and these are totally different systems in the body. You must continue to avoid known medically confirmed items to which you are allergic, even though they may show an acceptance in our intolerance test.

A very high percentage of people attending our clinic over the years have had tests for allergies only to find that their health problems continued. You will see in this website the effect that a single "Intolerance" test for food has had on people's health. We have scanned literally thousands of people over the years and we have yet to find a person that does not have a number of intolerance's to items such as foods which they put into their body each and every day. Just think about it logically, if you deliberately poisoned your brain everyday with DRUGS that it did not want, then you would not expect it to work efficiently and to run your body properly.

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