In order to treat The Saudi Royal Family and Sheikh’s in the United Arab Emirates
Mr Kielty’s Utah based qualifications had to be authenticated.
Firstly by the
U.S. Department of State and then by the UAE Embassy in Washington.
Mr Kielty is very proud to be one of only a small number of health

specialists in the world to have had such recognition from such powerful people.
Should you wish to do so you can check the authenticity of these documents

by contacting the relevant departments and quoting the serial numbers shown on them.


Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Washington certification of Mr Kielty's qualifications.  Documents numbered 191209 - 10 - 11 and dated March 16th 1999.

Authenticity of the above documents can be obtained by contacting the US Department of State and U.A.E. Embassy in Washington quoting certificate number 9903403-1 of March 8th and March 16th 1999 respectively.


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