Over the years I have scanned numerous sports people from a wide range of sports. I have scanned the complete first team of one of the top clubs in the English Premier League (Soccer). I have scanned about half the England Rugby Team and a great many Athletes as well as household names in the field of Snooker, Tennis, Swimming, Golf, etc.

In most cases the individual was in peak condition with regard to fitness but what they were lacking was control of their brain with regard to food intolerance. All the training in the world is of little use if you then proceed to poison your brain with drugs called food. What you can be sure of at the very least is that such an act will greatly reduce your concentration and energy output levels.

There was a case of a well known golfer that came to me for a scan because his back nine holes were getting worse and he couldn't understand it. It turned out that the two bananas he was eating halfway round were causing his brain to shut down and this of course effected his concentration. A football team or any other team is made up of a number of individuals in as much as each person has their own brain. So treating such a group as one when it comes to diet and telling them to eat certain foods is totally wrong.

Some will benefit it's true but others will not and then you have a problem getting them to work as a team. Such a team is made up of individuals and when you treat them as individuals in the way that we do at Health Scan you get them all performing to their maximum output, they will then play better as a team.

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