A horse or any other animal is made in exactly the same way that we are. They have a Nervous System and food or any other item/s entering their body will have a positive or negative effect on their brain.

So with this in mind and the fact that a horse cannot speak it would make sense to use this advanced system of scanning to establish just what is happening. A racehorse has a limited diet and for that reason it is even more important to check which foods may be a problem in this way.

Just as would happen in a human, a horse could get a headache from a certain food and/or any other health problems. Not only could food cause problems in this way but if the brain is receiving drugs (food) that it cannot handle then it will not work to it's maximum output and this will greatly effect the horses performance with regard to energy levels etc.

These problem foods could and would also effect the horse with regard to mood swings just as in a human. The horse will feel nothing whilst being tested, it simply wears a special bridal and stands calmly in its box for 15 minutes or so. In this way the brain of the horse (that computer in the head) is linked to our Health Scan computer.

Signals (the same signals the brain would get if the horse ate the foods) are then passed backwards and forwards between the two computers and in this way our advanced high-tech equipment will identify what items of food (drugs) the horses brain can tolerate and which it cannot. Within days/weeks of changing the horses diet you will see incredible changes (for the better) in the nature of the horse and you will see a vast increase in its speed, concentration and stamina.

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