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The usual notion people have is that if a food is bad for you, you wouldn't go back to eating it again in six months. Can you explain why that would be alright and is this always the case?

Because once that computer in your head is working properly it can and will cope with the bad signals that it couldn’t cope with when it was broken. It’s exactly the same thing as having a virus fixed on your home computer.

Once I pay the fee shown for my NETSCAN test are there any other fee's involved later.

No, the fee shown is the only payment you make in order to receive the NETSCAN recording unit for your test and Mr Kielty's report.

Do I need to stop eating any particular foods or drinking alcohol before I have my NETSCAN test?

No, just carry on as normal with your diet and alcohol.

Will my current medication affect the NETSCAN recording?

No, it will have no affect whatsoever on the recording, so continue as normal with your medication.

I am about to go on holiday and will be away for 3 weeks. Can I do the NETSCAN test before I go and start my new diet when I return?

Yes, that’s fine! As long as you start your new diet within about a month of your NETSCAN test then that’s ok.

Is NETSCAN a blood test or Urine test?

No, it has nothing to do with blood or urine. We are testing your Nervous System signal against the signal that comes from each and every food, to see how they react to each other and your brain when they meet.

Can you please let me have a summary of how NETSCAN works and what I have to do to get one?

If you go to our website: and watch the NETSCAN video on the homepage it will show you how the test works. Then click on the box next to the video and this will open up a health information form for you to complete. Once you have done this then click on the NEXT button at the bottom of the form and this will take you to PayPal where you make the payment. We have now received your health information form and the payment. We will email to let you know we have them. We will then send you by registered post a NETSCAN recording kit; we also send you a copy of the postal receipt so you can track it if you wish. When it arrives you follow the instructions in the kit and record your Nervous System signal, this is done by inserting the CD which brings up a recording box on your screen, click on the red RECORD button and the programme is running. You then gently press each index finger onto the brass contacts for up to one minute. Wet your index fingers with cold water prior to recording your signal so as to increase the conductivity of your skin, microchips within the red dome then register your unique electrical signal, the signal that runs through your brain and entire nervous system. When you have recorded your signal you then send it to us here at Health Scan as an email attachment. All of these instructions are written clearly in the kit we send to you, it's very simple for you to do. When recording your signal you feel nothing, no pain or electrical sensation. This test is perfect for all, from babies to adults. Once we get your signal we will email and let you know, Mr Kielty will then test it and send you back a full report of about 5-6,000 words. His report will be personal and comprehensive explaining what foods (DRUGS) are good for your brain and which are not, he will also point out many other things both in the home and outside the home that can and do cause major health problems. Along with his report you will receive 3 colour coded food lists. The GREEN list shows foods you can eat. The BLUE list shows foods you should stay off for 3 to 4 months and the RED list shows foods that you should avoid for 6 months. You can then expect major improvements in your health within 4 to 6 weeks. Food is a drug to the brain just like everything else, so you have to come off the bad foods slowly otherwise you may get withdrawal symptoms just as any drug addict would. It has taken a lifetime for your health and brain to get into its current condition, so give your brain time to adjust, normally 3 to 4 weeks is adequate. Once that computer in your head is working properly (for the first time in your life) it then starts to run your body properly and your health problems disappear. You need no medication of any sort in order to become a healthy person, you get better by NOT putting things into your body and by letting your brain do the job it was designed to do, namely; run your body properly.

You mentioned U.S. Secretary of State Madeline K Albright, can you explain her connection to you receiving FDA approval?

Her signing my certificates was just part of an extensive credibility and security programme I had to go through when I was first asked to treat The Saudi Royal Family. My qualifications were authenticated at the State Department and sent onto The Saudi Embassy in Washington for their approval.

How do I get the free e-book?

Your free e-book will be sent to you when we send your NETSCAN health report.

Can you scan babies in your clinic or should I use NETSCAN?

We cannot treat babies with our conventional clinic scanning as they would have to sit still for 15 to 20 minutes whilst being tested. However, we can treat babies with NETSCAN as the test can be done in the home whilst your child is asleep. There is no pain or electrical sensation and the skin is not broken. Your baby would feel absolutely nothing.

If I have questions before I do a NETSCAN test can I speak with Mr Kielty?

Yes, Mr Kielty will always be pleased to speak with you. Simply email first to arrange a suitable time for both of you, you can speak using Skype or of course the normal phone line.

Can the NETSCAN recording unit be used for more than one person and if so do you offer a discount?

Yes, the NETSCAN recording unit can be used for numerous people and we will always consider offering you a discount, just email and let us know how many people wish to be tested.

Will this NETSCAN test show how my brain would react to foods I’ve never eaten or only eat very rarely?

Yes, your intolerances will show up to foods (and other items) whether or not you currently consume them. NETSCAN can also test for foods you have never eaten and will indicate if your brain can accept them.

Is the NETSCAN test as accurate as a clinic test?

Yes, the accuracy of the NETSCAN signal is identical to that of a clinic scan; the only difference is of course that you would have a one to one with Mr Kielty if you were to come to the clinic.  However, as far as your future health is concerned a NETSCAN test is more than sufficient and of course Mr Kielty writes a lengthy and very personal report for you to follow along with your test results.

When I’m recording my NETSCAN signal am I getting any form of electrical treatment back into my body?

No, you are only recording your Nervous System signal; there is no electrical input to your body.

If I need extra unusual foods tested will you do them?

Yes, if you’re eating anything unusual or that is not shown on our test list we will be pleased to check them for you.

How long will the NETSCAN test keep me healthy for, will I need another one in say 3 months?

A single NETSCAN test is all that people need to get healthy and stay healthy.  Sometimes after a year or two a person may have another test just to check that all is still ok, but one test is enough for most people.

Can you cure Cancer?

No, we do not treat for or cure Cancer.  However, once we get your brain working better it will/should then be able to cope with/fight the cancer better.  We have a few testimonial letters from people that have/had cancer that have reported feeling so much better with their condition once they were on the right diet. We recommend that you take 20 minutes or so to look at these three videos, they are very interesting indeed.

When we have a NETSCAN test do you also sell us other items such a skin creams or medication?

No, we do not sell you such things.  Mr Kielty may advise that you buy say Vitamins & Minerals for example, but you would get them from your local store.

Will a NETSCAN test work anywhere in the world?

Yes, provided you have a Windows laptop computer.
We send NETSCAN recording kits all over the world on a daily basis.

When sending out the NETSCAN recording kit do you send it by courier or by normal postal service?

We send them by normal postal service; we always register the package and send you tracking information.

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