Book Synopsis

Mr GERARD KIELTY I.R.B. I.D.E. a Harley Street specialist has written this true, explosive, controversial and highly informative book about his work in the field of FOOD INTOLERANCE. The book is packed with all the information you need to become seriously healthy within weeks. This fascinating book will change the face of medicine forever as it explains in a down to earth and simple to understand way just how we are all poisoning ourselves each and everyday with basic food items. Heroin grows in the ground, well so does a lettuce!…so why is this not a drug also? It is a drug!…everything that enters our body is a drug to our brain and will have a positive or negative effect 'on' our brain. Mr Kielty explains how more than 50 different health problems can be easily cured by avoiding the foods (drugs) that cause them in the first place. Having scanned some 10,000 patients over the last 10 years Mr Kielty has identified and written about the major culprits, the ‘everyday’ foods that generally cause most health problems. His book highlights many different health problems and explains how and why they happen, he also provides extracts from numerous testimonial letters to support his claims. His book also explains in great depth the considerable resistance that exists within the medical profession, the drug companies and many government agencies throughout the world to this advanced ‘drug free’ path to good health. The sale of medication makes vast fortunes each and every year for those that dispense it and for governments that trawl in vast sums in taxes on the products, so they’re not about to change anything. Also, no government wants a country full of healthy pensioners.….there of little use and expensive…remember:

"once you stop paying taxes the government have to pay you!"

Many question are asked also of the governing bodies within the medical profession: questions such as "Why are they happy to allow doctors to continue to make mistakes on a daily basis and kill more than 40,000 patients a year (107 a day) through incompetence?" Mr Kielty has proved beyond doubt that 80% of everyday health problems are easily cured ‘without’ drugs, all that’s required is to find the cause of a problem and remove it. Everybody on this planet suffers with Food Intolerance to some degree (this is a completely different thing to an Allergy) and when you poison your brain with ‘drugs’ called food it then gives you problems in return. It's your brain that runs your body not your taste buds or stomach, so don't give your brain a problem and it won't give you one. Within a month or so of reading this book and following the advice given you will find that a great deal of your current health problems will have either improved dramatically or cleared up altogether.




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