There is no comparison between a food allergy and a food intolerance . An allergy occurs in the ‘Immune System’ …. whereas an intolerance occurs in the ‘Nervous System’ and these are two completely different systems in your body.

An allergy condition is brought about when two or more chemicals (foods etc) meet in your body and react in a negative way. This can also happen when your glands squirt out chemistry if you get a foreign invader in your bloodstream, it’s your bodies natural defence mechanism coming into play. If you get a protein for example: an undigested food particle or a bug in your bloodstream then your glands will kick out chemicals and try to kill these off before they get to your vital organs and cause serious damage or even death.

A foreign body which activates an allergic response is known as an antigen. If your immune system cannot fight the invader then you would normally be given a course of antibiotics.

Allergies occur in your immune system whereas an intolerance occurs in your nervous system …. in other words in your brain . But remember it’s your brain that controls your immune system so if your brain is not working properly then how can your immune system. Food intolerance is the electrical resistance in your brain to a specific signal that is given off by a food or any other item that enters your body.

Food intolerance occurs when your brain gets fed up with certain signals from certain foods and it simply can’t handle them anymore. This can happen when you’re 1 or 91…there are no rules, we’re all individuals and we all have our own unique brain.

As a result of putting wrong signals into your brain (that computer in your head) it then sends out wrong signals just as any computer would. These wrong signals then run down wires called nerves that lead anywhere they wish to in your body and that’s what causes 80% of everyday health problems.

Your brain is a computer! It’s the best computer on the planet.

It controls almost everything that happens in your body and just like any computer if you give it problems, then it gives you problems.

I’ve scanned thousands of people and I have yet to find a person that does not have some intolerance to some of the foods that they are eating on a daily basis. Although we know that an allergy can kill, in my experience not many people have allergies that cause much in the way of health problems. What they all have though is an intolerance to some of their regular daily foods and that’s where most of their health problems are coming from. Probably 35-40% of the people I’ve treated over the years had already been to their local hospital for an allergy test. It obviously didn’t work or they wouldn’t have needed me. The reason it didn’t work is that the doctors were looking in the wrong place for the answers, they were checking the Immune System for allergic response when they should have been checking the Nervous System for electrical resistance, in other words for Food Intolerance .

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